Our main objectives are to expand and enhance our commitment to quality, as well as to immerse ourselves in the Corporate Social Responsibilityproject while striving to comply with the company’s main ethical responsibilities towards workers and the community, such as:

  • Serve society with useful products and under fair conditions.
  • Create wealth in the most effective way possible.
  • Respect human rights with decent working conditions that promote occupational health and safety and the human and professional development of employees. workers.
  • Seek the continuity of the company and, if possible, attain sustainable growth.
  • Respect the environment, avoiding any type of contamination as much as possible. minimizing waste generation and rationalizing the use of resources natural and energetic.
  • Strictly comply with the laws, regulations, norms and customs, respecting the legitimate contracts and commitments acquired.
  • Monitoring of the company’s compliance with legislation.
  • Marketing and construction of corporate reputation.
  • Maintenance of business ethics and fight against corruption.
  • Supervision of the working conditions and health of workers.
  • Monitoring of resource and waste management.
  • Review of the company’s energy efficiency.
  • Fight against climate change.
  • Environmental and social risk assessment.
  • Monitoring the adequacy of the supply chain.
  • Design and implementation of company partnership and collaboration strategies.
  • Involve consumers, local communities and the rest of society.
  • Involve employees in good CSR practices.

TheQBox is committed to promoting the responsible development of our activity, always taking into account the actors involved in it:workers, clients, suppliers and society in general.

Furthermore, the most important assetof company is its people. That is why the TheQBox’s human resources must transmit the company’s values ​​to clients and offer quality service.

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