The QBox:
Unveiling a Box of Surprises…

“Traditions and history can not and should not evolve. It is our perspective towards them that must progress”

FERNANDO SCHÖNFELDT, La Casa de Los Balcones

Your Entertainment, Our Commitment.

Our mission is to make your pre-flight waiting time more enjoyable and engaging. At The QBox, you’ll discover not only the finest selection of gourmet products and souvenirs but also a variety of mini-events and activities that transform the store into an entertainment hub.

Expert Guidance Throughout the Sales Process.

Modern and Elegant Design.

The QBox stands out with its captivating design, featuring interior decor that undergoes periodic changes to cater to demand, allowing customers to see, touch, and sample our products.

Functionality at Its Core.

The space draws inspiration from the cultural essence of the Canary Islands, echoing La Casa de Los Balcones. It blends traditional elements like wood with elements of modern architectural design, focusing on functionality, simplicity, and order. This elegant design is characterized by clean lines and a lack of ornamentation.

Speaking of modern architectural design also means talking about lighting. The use of different types of lighting is one of the store’s key features.

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